sale now!!

  1. Their sale has started!!! A lot of duplication with NM of course...
  2. do they share inventory with NM? beacuse its more then a conscidence that alot of the same stuff is only available in certain colors and sizes -shoes- as and i was searching with a private link last night, blah.
  3. ^^Same company! You can use NM card to buy from BG and still get points. Plus, depending on where you live, no sales tax!
  4. i try to buy from BG cuz they don't charge sales tax to CA. they are the same company though but NM has more stuff online.
  5. Oooh, there are some nice Gucci sandals on sale :graucho:

    I love these :heart: [​IMG]

  6. ^^ oh those are gorgeous :smile:.
  7. They're so perfect for summer! The Louboutin wedges I ordered should be here tomorrow or Friday. If I don't like them (I hope I do!), I'm returning them and ordering one of these :graucho:
  8. I went to the BG shoe sale today- MUCH better than Barneys. Barneys hardly had any inventory- it was almost laughable. I don't remember it ever being like that in the past- normally they are fully stocked!!
  9. FREESHIP works for free shipping