Bergdorf sent me the wrong louboutins!

  1. i was so excited to find the black patent Activas on sale on their website last week and snatched them up right away. i was eagerly anticipating their arrival today, but when i opend the box, they were the WRONG shoes!!! this has never happened to me before, and i'm shocked the first time would be with bergdorf. :wtf: anyhow, i called customer service, and she said that the Activas are sold out and they replaced it with the shoes i have now, but stated that they should have informed me of the replacement. the shoes i have now are exactly like these, except they have black patent leather straps and a cork sole:

    now i'm debating if i should just keep the ones i have, or return them and get the Activas (which would be about $300 more :push:smile:. i would prefer to get them at Neimans/Bergdorfs since i have credit there, but i'm not sure if they carry the activas anymore (i know that NM in beverly hills doesn't have them). i don't know if i want to pay $800 for the Activas elsewhere. this just sucks, and all i got from customer service was free return. what a sad, sad day. :crybaby:
  2. That's ridiculous first of all. You need to weasle some sort of percentage off on your next purchase from them.

    Ok, I may get bashed for this, but I'm not a huge fan at all of the shoes you linked. I know the ones you received are slightly different, but for $700+ you should be IN LOVE with the shoe. The Activas, on the other hand, are GORGEOUS!

    Can't you just return these "replacements" and get a credit back to your credit card and purchase the Activas where you can find them for sure?

    I'm still in shock that BG took it upon themselves to decide what a suitable replacement would be without first contacting a customer. :wtf:
  3. activas have been on sale for over a month now and several places still have them available. I would return them and get them elsewhere.
  4. I would return the replacement. Why keep something you didn't order? Get a refund and use that toward something you love.
  5. The activas are on sale at bergdorgs in NYC, today I saw them in black patent leather and white patent leather. And I picked up a pair of the python activas in white. They are on sale for about $300 now. I know that I saw the black in size 8.5. Try calling the Bergdorfs store, since the website is a seperate entity, the sale may not always be the same.
  6. return the replacements...don't care for them too much
  7. Yeah, return the replacement. Use the credit for something else.
  8. thanks Kamilla! I'll be sure to call them first thing tomorrow morning. do you remember seeing any of the Activas in 39? the python ones sound amazing!