Bergdorf RTW sale?

  1. Does anybody know what Berdorf's RTW sale % off is now? Before Christmas it was 40% off and I was hoping it might have increased. Thanks!!!
  2. It's 60% off the original price going on now.
  3. Thanks iluvchanel!!! I hope they do price adjustments. Gonna give my SA a call.
  4. Could you let us know what happens when you ask about a price adjustment? Also, who the SA was if he/she allowed the adjustment? I bought a sweater at the first markdown at BG and found one 1 size larger at a different store but at the second markdown. I would prefer the smaller one from BG, but it ended up being so much more expensive, so I would really love an adjustment, otherwise I will probably return it. Please let us know! Thanks and good luck!
  5. ^The SA told me that they don't do adjustments from first to second cut. I guess I could have pressed it since their website says they do adjust up to 10 days. Maybe you can have more luck than me.