bergdorf goodman

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  1. has anyone heard of bergdorf goodman and is it safe to purchase from their site?

    I am thinking about buying some stuff from there......never heard of it before.....

    please confirm someone?! Thanks!

  2. oh by the way..they have free shipping with $150 or more.:tup:
  3. Bergdorf is essentially Neiman's (and owned by them)...only one store in NYC...absolutely safe.
  4. Yes - it's safe to buy from Bergdorf's. They are a high end store with authentic merchandise. Happy shopping!
  5. I have purchased from them....perfectly safe.
  6. thanks alot!!!

    they are offering FREE SHIPPING WITH $150 PURCHASE OR MORE.:tup:
  7. A lot of times they're less expensive than NM! Great place to shop. Enjoy!
  8. I love the no tax...if there's an item that I want from Neiman Marcus, I always make sure to check BG now to see if I can at least get it tax free :smile:
  9. Same here!
  10. uhm it's one of the best department stores in nyc.
  11. BUT not cheap..:crybaby: