bergdorf-goodman totes

  1. ok this is for all my ny/ nj ladies. in the winter i saw these cute zigzag striped totes at bergforf. they were private label and a few hundred dollars and like PVC fabric. Recently , i see them all over nyc , and have fallen for the green version. green is my fav color! i beleive these were at bergdorf, but i can not find it online at all. do you know what i'm talking about ? are they from bergdorf or somewhere else? i want to get one , but do not want to make the trip uptown to be dissapointed when it's the wrong store. help me ..!! :confused1:
  2. i guess no one knows what i'm talking about :sad:
  3. Could they have been Goyard? You can do a search for Goyard on the forum. Good luck!
  4. This is what Goyard looks like.
  5. coldplaylover -- god bless your soul!!!
    it is goyard ...!!! thank you thank you thank you. i've only seen them at bergdorf ... thank you!!! i'm on my hunt for a green one!!