Bergdorf Goodman taking reserves on the Bay bag

  1. You can reserve your white/black quilted bay bag at Bergdorf Goodman. No tax if out of NY state and to get it shipped overnight FED EX costs $25.
  2. Did you reserve one?? :graucho:
  3. Nooooo, i got too much D&G on my mind. Their donna collection is TDF :love:
  4. Glad its hitting the states now for you gals!

    Go get them
  5. sorry but im not head over heels for it:sad:
  6. Me neither Shop but its great for all those US girls who are in love with them
  7. i am really beginning to like this bag, the quilted one, either brown or black, it looks so roomy and soft! do we know how much they are? I haven't been able to figure it out - thanks!
  8. i think like $1800
  9. As of yesterday, the NY Chloe boutique still had brown and white quilted Bays available, for those who wanted a different color choice than currently available in some of the department stores.
  10. ooh, thanks for the info girls! that is out of my price range for now :sad: ... but i'll keep saving! i'm getting married in June, maybe it could be a wedding present to myself! :p lol