Bergdorf Goodman smart label return..

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  1. I have searched but found a thread that was 3 years old.. it said it takes about 6 weeks with the smart label... so I'm not sure if processing time has changed.

    So I was wondering has anyone used the smart label for returns of online purchase for Bergdorf Goodman. How long did it take for a refund?

    I mailed out the package with the smart label on 1/30 then it was process by USPS on 2/03, When I track the return it doesn't have anything updated. Does it normally take this long for USPS to update returns with smartlabel? Thanks!!

  2. i always return my bg purchases through ups w/ a signature required and the return is typically processed the day it's received w/ a credit issued the next day. i use the postage required label about the usps smart label.
  3. Wow ! I returned a package using the Smart Label two weeks ago. I called yesterday inquiring about my credit and the service rep would only tell me that they return hasn't been received it. When I told her that it was crazy that a package wouldn't get from Ft. Lauderdale to Texas in 14 days, all she said is, well it can take atleast 14 days. Now I'm reading that some of you waited weeks and weeks. I decided to simply dispute the charge on my AMEX so that I don't get charged for it now. It's over $500 and I guess I should have known better and sent UPS with delivery conf. Never Never Again would I use a Smart Label.
  4. I see that you were able to track the smart label package. How did you have a tracking #?
  5. Those Smart label things can take like 3 weeks. I had the same problem with and after 24 days I finally received my credit.