Bergdorf Goodman shoe sale...

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  1. is still going on, 60% off!!!

    My SA sent me pic of everything in a size 35 (which is actually quite a hard size to find things in the first place so finding sale pieces are even more rare!!)

    her name is Saskia and she's super fast and responds to emails almost instantly

    I found a pair of alaias, giuseppe zanotti flats in black with the crystals stud design, a pair of roger vivier gold metallic python flats and a pair of rene caovilla crystal paillettes flats...
  2. Yes ! Size 35 seems to mean nothing left at the end !

    Bummer I can't take advantage of this.. and there's nothing good left at the Canadian stores.. boohooo
  3. can i have her email address please??:smile:
  4. SAs that seem to recognize my frequeting at my local NM Last Call said that in one or two weeks, they will be getting in the sale shoes from Bergdorf! :}
  5. Here is my SAs name--please let her know Cory forwarded you her information?


    SaskiaEve_Sastranegara@bergdorfgoodman.c om


    I hope this is okay posting her information here--she told me its fine to fwd it to my friends and shes usually very fast at responding to emails with pics as long as shes in that day...just let her know where you got her name from though since she may wonder where all these random emails are coming from...

    She sent me pics of just what was on sale in a 35 so some of you may wear diff sizes and will have to ask her about those...

    She also is getting the 70mm in nude patent, red patent and black patent as well as a beige with cork?
  6. I emailed Saskia...Thanks for the info!
  7. ^^Sure...she said shes trying to get back in touch with people but shes been overwhelmed with emails and all...

    she's off the next couple of days too but will get back to everyone ASAP =)
  8. That's great...wish I had time to get over there for a weekend trip! I purchased a pair of black patent Chanel ballerina flats for 40% right after the holidays (and they are still full price at my local NM's).