Bergdorf Goodman ~ Second Cut

  1. I was there yesterday as well and no one bothered to say hi to me at all. The SA there were either talking with each other or texting. I don't get the above everyone attitude
  2. Can someone remind me of their in-store purchase return policy? Online it says 60 days and I called the 1-800 online number and the customer rep said no time limit.
  3. I don't think there is a time limit. I went to return shoes once and heard a lady returning an item from 2010 and all they did was inspect whether it was worn and I think she had a receipt.

  4. Ive been lusting after this Milly dress forever and figured 70% off was pretty tough to say no to. I snuck out of a meeting to order it. Hehe Fingers crossed it gets fulfilled and not cancelled.
    image-1914992105.jpg image-154931068.jpg
  5. Does anyone know when the second cut will be for the winter sale going on now?
  6. A few days ago, there was extra 20% off all sales items. I hope they will offer extra discount again after christmas..