Bergdorf Goodman sale

  1. I just pre-sale a black N/S Sharpie for 40% off plus additional employee discount. There are also 8 Knot bags on sale in brown and black and the Biarritz nylon bags in black and grey in several styles on sale too. I think the sale starts on the 30th?
  2. thanks for the heads up!
  3. I would really like to get either a sharpei or a large biarritz on sale. How much are they? I have never ordered from bg before, let alone pre-ordered from a sale. Could anyone help me out? Thank you SO much!
  4. Congrats... BUT

    The Sharpey?!!! oh i feel sick as I dropped $3,450 on this bag a few months ago. Is it the one w/ the large CC's on the front, wrinkled (ruched) around the chain detail in the front, soft lambskin? Say it ain't so...
  5. N-S Sharpey Tote??!!.....OMG you're the luckiest girl ever! I was saving up & planning to get that bag full retail and it's on-sale for 40% off?.....speechless....
  6. The Sharpei is $2350 but I can't remember the price for Biarritz. You can call BG and tell them that you would like to presale the bag and they should tell you what's available. Plus, if you don't live in NY or NJ, you don't pay tax!

    same N/S I JUST GOT AT Saks??????
    going to throw up now...LOL!
  8. ^^ Thanks for the info Shopaholic! I didn't mean to rain on your parade, I'm very happy for your AWESOME deal! It's the most I have spent on a Chanel and its a new season bag so I would have died if it is now selling for 40% off, hahaha.

    Congrats again!:tup:
  9. Thanks so much, I'll be calling tomorrow morning! Congrats on your beautiful purchase!
  10. thanks so much for the heads up. i think im going to call tomorrow.

  11. Omigosh, that is amazing. Thank you for sharing! So it's 40% off without your employee discount, correct? I can't wait till morning!
  12. oh my god, i am so tempted by the Chanel biarritz! this sale isn't doing me any good... lol!
  13. *runs away* I'm just going to back away and pretend I never read this thread.
  14. I just talked to Joseph at BG and he said the Sharpey ligne is not on sale and he does not even have any in stock ... only the 8 knot bags are 40% off