Bergdorf Goodman - SALE!!

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  1. presale: may 29
    sale: june 6

    i asked my SA which bags are on sale and they're not sure yet but will let me know as they start going through the list. call 212.872.2854 to ask for more info.
  2. any recommendations for the SA?
  3. Galina, Saskia or Alla! they're all wonderful but my favorite is Galina.
  4. sweetsparkle, does BG charge shipping to have the bag ship to u?
  5. i think so. if you live in nyc, you could have it messengered. but if you live out of state then they need to ship it to you. i would ask what the shipping charges are.
  6. No tax if you live outside of NY, though, which more than makes up for shipping.
  7. The SA's at the Chanel Boutique at BG are fantastic, really professional and nice without being pushy.

    Also, they charge sales tax if you have something shipped to NJ...
  8. They do? How is that possible, with no BG there?
  9. I think BG's warehouse is in NJ. I'm not certain though, but a few years back there was a BG presence of some sort in NJ which is why NJ residences were being charged tax.
  10. Yes, since there is a warehouse in NJ (where the majority of items and many cosmetics are shipped from), NJ residents pay tax.

    We have a and warehouses in my state. We also have their outlets 1/2 hour away from me. On the east coast, ALL returns go to the Return Center/warehouse in my state. NO WAY we can get away from paying tax (except Saks NY has NEVER charged my- I'm just keeping my mouth shut on that, lol).
  11. really? i bought a purse from BG last summer and they shipped it to my NJ address without tax! :confused1:
  12. I think you lucked out! :tup:

    As for me, when Galina offered to ship, she made certain to mention that I would be charged tax. Since the difference of NJ and NY sales tax is a little over 1%, i figured I wouldn't be saving much if I ended up getting my bag shipped home.
  13. wow...i guess i did get lucky..hehe..btw, is Galina the SA who is Russian? hehe..when i bought the purse, i dindt everything over the phone and that SA referred to herself as "the only Russian grl" there. i forgot her name now. Thanks!
  14. no that's Saskia :yes:
  15. Ooo..okies, thanks babe!