Bergdorf goodman sale still going on...AND simple pumps shipment

  1. everything is 60% off now and my SA sent me everything she had in a 35 including some louboutin flats...

    they may have more including pumps, etc in other sizes though--shes super fast and great to work with esp if you like to work via email and all.

    Her name is Saskia =) let her know cory sent ya...

    She also told me shes getting in simple pumps this season in 70mm in nude patent, red patent and black patent!! excited as I find the 70mm simples to be the comfiest and easiest to walk in :tup:
  2. Thanks for the tip. I know Saskia, she has helped me before.
    I wish those simple pumps would come in 85 or 100mm, I don't really care for 70mm.
  3. Thanks for the info!
  4. How many inches are the 70mm... also whats the price gonna be for the simples? Is it still $530?
  5. ~2.75 inches
  6. ^^ Thanks hon... I am with Kamilla I want 85mm or 100mm are they not coming in that heel height at all
  7. My thoughts exactly!
    70mm is just too short for me!
  8. i love 70mm but i think they are 595 USD now--price increase i guess?

    some places have 85mm coming in...i know Saks NY said they have 85mm in turquoise blue and black and brown...and a beige/camel color?
  9. i saw them in 100mm at Barneys in beverly hills the other day in black, pink, and blue patent. the price is $550 and they had just gotten them in.
  10. Thanks for posting this! I am dying for some 70mm Simples. I know that so many of you think that they're too low, but I love that heel height. Yes, not as sexy, but imminently more practical!

    Cali, would you mind posting her email address or PMing me with the info?
  11. Yes please post email info...really want red & nude patents!!!
  12. Calisnoopy: Do you think you can send me the pictures? I would love to see what they have on sale. TIA!
  13. wahhh, all these talk is making me :drool: hehe. i want nude patent 85mm! does anyone have any intel on whether Saks is gonna carry them? tia!
  14. Nude Patent Simples 85mm :drool::drool:
  15. Here is my SAs name--please let her know Cory forwarded you her information?




    I hope this is okay posting her information here--she told me its fine to fwd it to my friends and shes usually very fast at responding to emails with pics as long as shes in that day...just let her know where you got her name from though since she may wonder where all these random emails are coming from...

    She sent me pics of just what was on sale in a 35 so some of you may wear diff sizes and will have to ask her about those...

    She also is getting the 70mm in nude patent, red patent and black patent as well as a beige with cork?