Bergdorf Goodman sale extra 25% off

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  1. Not sure if this is allowed so I’ll delete if not but Bergdorf Goodman has an insane sale that ended Wednesday. The Neiman Marcus mobile website has a text us feature to text with a rep like you’d live chat and some of the reps there are still honoring the sale. It may take a few tries to get a rep who will. Since both BG and NM are owned by the same company the reps can see what the price was by the item number. For some reason the live chat reps want links but the text reps just ask for NM item number to verify the price.

    Since the sale ended I’m just going off memory of what I screen shotted or knew they had. Just tell the rep you’d like to price match the Bergdorf Goodman sale. The text us feature is on the mobile NM website at the bottom.

    98E4643F-9E77-4486-8B1F-7A66056A7BDF.jpeg 97B88257-9E12-438C-A5E9-96A11A6C11C8.jpeg ECAF2097-2564-496C-AD31-EEDB2200447B.jpeg F588F24A-E91C-4764-A239-77387100FB4C.jpeg 45FB434A-0B63-4941-874F-2FFD2B2E222C.jpeg 225A38F4-71B6-4541-933F-1C5BD67298B8.jpeg D2E1C192-E894-4DC3-BBBC-FE8E5C405AC8.jpeg C6A87F96-4526-4313-97FC-13E5AECEB7FF.jpeg AF13175D-A279-45BD-AEC2-B987931D347F.jpeg A480A6D5-1856-4BBD-911A-9CEC9E460523.jpeg B4ECAFF0-F087-41C6-829B-2E69BC025D00.jpeg DF6FD3CB-CC2A-4427-BDC0-B959B367B82F.jpeg
  2. C08DB285-984D-4281-B66D-9DC045366D00.jpeg AAE5A056-71DB-437B-9E5F-C9B753044F90.jpeg

    The Valentino’s were somewhere around $300. Not sure about the CL sneakers.
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  3. What are the item numbers?
  4. They are in the details section on the item. At the very top when you click details.
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  5. Thanks! I tried it but it didn’t work for me. He said he didn’t see it on the website. Hopefully others were successful.
  6. Which item were you trying to get?
  7. The so kates
  8. Was he saying he couldn’t see it on Bergdorfs website?
  9. Yes. Said he didn’t see the sale price
  10. Yeah that’s what a lot of reps are saying. The sale ended so they’re not seeing it. But some reps can see in their system that it was $208 and will honor it. It depends who you get.
  11. I guess. I gave up. Thank you for sharing though.
  12. No problem! I heard elsewhere if you call they’ll do it too. Can just pull up the records from 3/25 to see. Probably easier than the text chat.
  13. Okay thank you. I may give it another try.
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  14. If you try it again, hopefully you score!!
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  15. Hopefully