Bergdorf Goodman SALE- a lot of stuff added 70% off

  1. i saw a size 6.5 Dior boots. hot hot hot
    for only $560
  2. Gahhh. it's like eBay, one minute it is there, the next it is not.
  3. How can you tell the number available?
  4. When you check out put in a large quantity like 99 and it will adjust to show you how many are actually available.
  5. What a great trick! Thanks for sharing!
  6. Found it by clicking "sales & values" then selecting "shop by designer" (Gucci). :p
  7. Wow, great tip! Thanks!
  8. Ah, I missed the MbyMJ!
  9. When you open a card with BG do you get an additional discount?
  10. They just added the metallic patchwork stam for $743. It was still available a minute ago if anyone is interested. I am holding out for a black or brown one.