Bergdorf Goodman question

  1. Does BG give a 10% discount for signing up for their credit card like most stores??? They do carry Chanel, right? (Sorry, I'm a CA girl so I have little BG info, but I would like to buy tax free:graucho:!)
  2. Yes, BG carries Chanel and yes that means tax free for you since you're in CA. Not sure about the 10% for signing for a new c/card. You should call Joseph @ BG and find out, please update us when you find out about signing up for the card.
  3. Unfortunately, they don't give an initial discount for opening a card. They have points levels where you can earn gifts or get a gift card. The website shows what you get at the different levels. They are one of the few stores that don't offer a discount it seems. :sad: