Bergdorf Goodman purse


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Feb 18, 2009
I'm fairly new to designer purses. I came across a very nice looking black beaded purse at a local second hand store. I noticed there is a tag on the inside that says "Bergdorf Goodman". It is in very good condition & looks very old to me. The store is asking $150.00 for it.
My questions are: Would I be paying too much? and how can I date this purse?
I have done some research on the net but I could only find one purse with a "Bergdorf Goodman" tag on the inside. It had multi beading & was selling for $1500.00.
I would like to buy the black beaded purse because I really like it but I don't want to spend my money foolishly.
Any help on finding out more information on older purses with this label would be graetly appreciated. Thank-You.


Mar 29, 2006
Sounds like you found something interesting. This is not really about authentication, so it's not the right thread, but let me just give some opinion: I would start by taking good photos of the bag and looking online at Ebay and at vintage handbag sites to see what's similar and how it's priced. It could be a Bergdorf exclusive, meaning a bag made to be sold at Bergdorf's. There is no Bergdorf brand per se, meaning a collecting category. Maybe a vintage bag dealer would be willing to look at the pics and give you a rough estimate of a fair retail price.

So, unlike the categories here (Chanel, Prada, Vuitton, etc), you won't find an online collection of Bergdorf Goodman bags or a group of collectors hunting them, I don't think--they will show up individually here and there only. Good luck!
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