Bergdorf Goodman or Neiman Marcus online coupon

  1. Hi looking for a BG or NM coupon for free shipping or 10% off. Anyone???
  2. Free shipping at BG using BGJAN
  3. Neiman Marcus has a free shipping code of: SALENM.
    Happy shopping!
  4. BGJAN doesn't seem to work for me? Anything else I could try?
  5. Anyone have any new coupons? They wouldn't honor BGJAN
  6. Thanks for the NM free shipping code !! Gonna use it in couple mins :smile:)
  7. any new BG codes???
  8. I used a NM code of spring for free shipping this afternoon.
  9. for beauty and fragrances purchases at bergdorf: BEAUTY8 should work for free shipping until March 31, 2007.
  10. free shipping code SHOPNOW . I used it this morning, it still works.
  11. Thanks Ciatta!
    The NM code just worked for me!:yahoo:
  12. I received a free shipping code this morning for Neiman Marcus of...LASTNM....Happy Shopping!
  13. Hi- SHOPNOW did not work for Bergdorf today. Anyone with a new code?

    Thanks =)
  14. Shopnow for free shipping seems to work for me today on
  15. BGSPRING for free shipping at bergdorf

    LOVE7 for free shipping at Saks