Bergdorf Goodman online refused to sell bags to my friend!!

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  1. The company stated to my friend that she had a high return rate and refused to sell bags to her again. I just can't keep on laughing. What a joke!

    My friend says she cannot see and hold the bag personally. She can only rely on 1 front view photo and 1 or 2 lines of description to spend $1000 on a designer bag. Those on sales bags either come with scratches, dirty bag, in wrong color, broken paddy lock on chloe or does not match the description. Can't help, but return it back in a timely manner.

    And now she got penalized, even she had to pay for the return shipping fee herself. Excuse from the company: you have too much returns and the bags are worn!

    She is mad to hear that, cause it is the company who sent her the worn bag at first!!

    When can she complain?? She is so mad that she even wants to get a lawyer to sue the company.

    Well, i just have to clam her down and see if anyone in this community has similar experience with Bergdorf Goodman or Neiman Marcus (same company anyway)
  2. I know a lot of clothing stores do this- like Express... I read about it a few years ago.
  3. Neiman's sent me a ceam colored Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet that had brown spots on it; looked like someone had splashed it with coffee.
  4. I understand where they're comming from. They lose money when they send out a bag, then someone returns it. time = money. Plus, when the product is older, then they have a harder time selling it, meaning lowering prices, meaning, less money.
  5. yea i heard about getting blacklisted if you have a high return rate. i don't know what else a person can do to prove that the company was the one that sent them the used bag.
  6. That sucks.
  7. It makes me wonder how many bags she has returned for them to do that. I have ordered and returned bags, but I have also bought a number of them too. Has she kept any? I really didn't know BG did this.
  8. I don't think I'll be any help here, I shop regularly at NM & BG; in the store but mainly online. Whenever I have a return, like I did today I had to return some Gucci shoes (too small) and a Ferragamo scarf (the wrong color was sent), I always return them to the store closest to me in SF. I've never had a problem returning anything, lectured or blacklisted. When I had ankle surgery and was stuck to my couch with a cast and crutches I needed a dress for a summer wedding and ordered a few dresses online and then had my husband bring those back to Neimans while I ordered the same dresses in a different size. When those arrived they also didn't fit right and had my husband return that batch too while I ordered again online. I was like Goldielocks and the three bears, the third batch was just right! Having told you all that I never got blacklisted. :shrugs:
  9. I can write three pages on why retailers do this. You are going to find in the next couple of years, more and more luxury stores are going to have less generous return policies. And I say good riddance, let Nordstrom deal with the nutjobs!

    Suing will only be lost lawyer and court fees. A store can refuse to sell its merchandise. You don't have any claim to any merchandise until a financial transaction occurs. Once it's paid for, it's yours.

    Now, if your friend was not able to get a refund on a damaged item then she could sue to recover her losses. But with her not being out any money, there's no case.

  10. I heard others complaining receiving worn or wrong bags from NM and BG online store. However, I did not hear anything bad from saks or nordstrom online store.

    To have proof, may be we should video tape the process of opening the package in front of the UPS delivery person to examine every inch of the bag before accepting the package. Just kidding...

  11. I don't know much details. My friend is a busy mom of 4. If she decides she needs a pair of high heels, she will buy a lot mostly online during sales season, (around 20 pairs, not all at once, space out purchase weekly or monthly) and try them out at home at midnight when she has quiet time and then finally keep 2 to 3 pairs. I bet she is doing the same with her bags, clothing, .....

  12. How can a company not performing quality check before sending out to the customer???
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    I've heard TPF'ers complain about receiving dirty or worn bags? Where do these bags come from? Other people who buy, wear and return them, of course! I'm not saying your friend does this but I'm not surprise that BG or any other store would start trying to create and implement a policy to minimize their losses by tracking people with an unusually high frequency of returns or damaged, worn returns.

    I've noticed recently that many high end clothing stores have started shipping clothing with a prominent and visible tag attached where someone cannot stick the tag inside and wear the item. The tag says something like "Don't remove this tag until you have tried on the item and are sure you intend to keep it and if you remove the tag you can't return it!" The obvious reason for doing this is because people were wearing the clothes and returning them! I don't mind the tag because I don't want cothing that something wore and then returned.

    I think BG and other stores should ship their bags with a tag or device placed in a very visible position where the bag cannot be worn without the tag showwing and the label should say "once you remove the tag this bag is yours so please do not remove the label unless you are sure you intend to keep it." Again, I'm not saying your friend does anything wrong only that I understand why stores may start trying to implement policies to track people with high frequency of returns or damaged returns. I'm of the opinion that as long as the bags are returned in perfect saleable conditon then a high rate of return should not be a problem because in most cases the buyer pays for the bag to be shipped and the return shipping too.

  14. I totally agreed. BG should put on a security tag to avoid people from using and even switching. Just like net-a-porter or bluefy.

  15. Agree. I am not surprised she is not allowed to buy anything else because of her high return rate.