Bergdorf Goodman on 8 Koobas on sale 40-50% off.....

  1. Ranging in price. Just remarked today. 8 Kooba bags in sale section....Most reductions 40 to 50% off!! Brynne, Sloan, Lena, Kiera, Ginger (2 types) Annie and Sydney.:yahoo:Also lots of Chloe for 35% off if anyone is interested.
  2. Was this in the store or online?

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  4. That kooba ginger braided shoulder looks beautiful. I'm contemplating buying one as my first but am still undecided about it. Bags are a horrible addiction lol
  5. oh my.... me too.... I am almost ashamed to say this but I got my FIRST Kooba from my boyfriend mid August (a bourbon Jillian) for my birthday.......... and including that one, I have acquired a total of 5 now ( thankfully he is giving me ONE of my purchases for Christmas, LOL...of course I can't see it until then!) I got 2 killer deals from eBay ( a bourbon Paige authentic for $202, and a straw Lena for $260) and 2 more from Bloomies for $505 total w/ tax (an ivory Charlie and a black Meredith)....I have had plenty of handbags over the years but I have never been so crazy in love with a brand.....pretty soon I will be broke and living under the bridge at 1-95 LOL :hysteric:
  6. I have the Ginger in Chestnut and it is a fabulous bag. I am trying to fight back the urge for the metallic brown one. Does any one have the metallic brown and do you like it. TIA
  7. I think that you got that Paige right out from under me!! Ha ha ha. I had bid it up to maybe $200 and at the last minute someone nabbed it! :smile:
  8. I just found a Ginger in chestnut at Saks Off 5th and it was(get ready) $172!!!! I was going to sell it on eBay, but I think that I am going to keep it afterall...:heart::heart::heart:
  9. Oh what a great deal. I couldnt sell mine no matter what. It was my first Kooba ever and I think it is the perfect bag for me, and the color is different from what I usually get black. You will want to keep it and why not at that price Congrats!

  10. OMG boy that sounds like a fantastic deal Shewolfy.....yea scouting the eBay Koobas is an obsession. I'm thankful the seller sent additional pics and it looked good and legit (me being brave for a novice) Her pic in the auction didn't do much to sell it. I took a chance but it came out good and a beauty.....sounds like you are getting some nice bags many Koobas, so little time..... LOL :okay: