Bergdorf Goodman NYC has a LOT of shoes at 60% off in store

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  1. As of yesterday, 1/22, BG NYC had 2 full racks of shoes for every size between 5 and 12 (this is not an exaggeration). I counted about 9 or 10 pairs of CL's in each size. Also many Miu Miu's, Prada's, YSL's, Gucci's, Ferragamo's, and I saw a few Jimmy Choo's and Chloe's...

    Boots, flats, pumps, they have it all. Everything is 60% off. I did grab a card from a SA on the shoe department if you absolutely need someone to call, but the selection is definitely worth going to see in person.
  2. I know the selection is better, but how do the prices compare to the online sale?

    For example, Jimmy Choos are running $212-344 on the online site...

    At NM the sale selection and pricing is much better than the online sale... I wonder if BG is the same...?
  3. Yeah I've been looking online too... the online stuff seems to be between 60-75% off total depending on the specific item. I think everything at BG is exactly 60% off retail right now.
  4. i've found the BG sale to be very disappointing.

    Saks has had the same shoes on sale for 75% since november and BG has STILL not gone above 60% off in over a month.
  5. I'd love to hear more about the CLs, or even if you have the SA that I can call? I'm looking for 2 specific pair of shoes.

    Also, how is the SA that you have a card for? Im just getting so fed up with rude SAs that are unhelpful when you call, Im getting discouraged from calling at all anymore. :Push:

    Please post or pm me the info if you can. Thanks!
  6. pm'd you, floridasun8
  7. Thanks for the info Prayes! The SA is a very nice man and unfortunately didnt have what I was looking for, but did offer to help, called me back when he said he would and said he would keep my info. I suggest anyone that might be looking for help to call him and give him your business.

    Of course he also told me that you purchased a pair of shoes today?? :graucho: Share what you got!
  8. Hey all,

    I went to BG in nyc yesterday too, and all of the sale shoes are 60% off. Just off the top of my head, I remember they had green suede rolandes in 35 and 35.5, they had a lot of CL flats in 35-36.
    They had gorgeous pink satin lady gres in 35.5 - sooo cute
    Also gold pigalles in 35 for $230.

    If anyone else wants to know anything about any other sizes, i'll try to remember if you want to PM me. There was a lot though!
  9. I just called and the SA said she didn't have any CL's in size 41 or 41.5. :sad:
  10. Try another SA? The one I gave to you and floridasun was a male not a female. I am pretty sure they did have quite a few but I'll double check after work again.