Bergdorf Goodman - Now Shipping to Canada!

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  1. FREE SHIPPING* with $150 online purchase
    code BGAPRIL

    *The $8 charge added to each additional shipping address and the additional $5 charge applied when shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or some U.S. territories still applies.
    **Canadian orders will still be subject to all applicable duties, fees and taxes.

    Offer expires 4/12/08 at 11:59 PM CT.
  2. Yey, Thank You for the great news!!!
  3. Why didn't they ship to Canada in the past? I thought they shipped internationally...
  4. Yay!! Ty!
  5. They ship to Canada all the time. It's $50, and we have to pay custom duties.
  6. So, now it's less and you don't have to pay duties, is that right?
  7. You can buy directly via US website now. & They will ship to Canada. In the past, they will ship unless you call up the store.

    Duties & taxes are still applied when your package goes through Cdn custom.

    PS: NM is also shipping to Canada.
  8. Thanks for the info, Ceci.
  9. I believe duty and tax will be crazy isn't it? I will be 13% here in toronto, and additional 10% for duty. That is a WOW!!!
  10. I just received an email that Neiman Marcus is shipping to Canada too....I wonder now if Holt Renfrew will reciprocate and ship to the USA ?? !!!
  11. i think even if Holt Renfrew ships to USA, people won't buy it there. Buying from USA sites are so much cheaper!:yahoo:
  12. AGREED & sad, I'm in Canada. :crybaby:

    But ladies, I just found out recently: If you use "HR care by AMEX" to purchase items, they will ship for free within Canada. I've never tried this yet, but it's good to know about this benefit.
  13. I'm so happy!
    Now we can snag deals super quickly like everyone else does!

    I hope this means that Holts will see their sales dropping and will finally start to do something about it!
  14. too bad they ship via fed-ex...the brokerage fees kill me!
  15. No offense to those that like Holts, but I would never consider buying from them when I am in the US. I have homes in both Canada and US. US high end stores have everything Holts has without the gst/pst. I would love to hear from someone in the US that is loyal to a CDN company.