Bergdorf down?

  1. Is anyone else having trouble accessing the sale handbags on I guess I'll hang out at for now.
  2. It is down to me as well :crybaby:

    Maybe they are adding more great buys :nuts:
  3. It's down for me too! Now if you log on it says they are enhancing their site for our shopping needs. :smile:
  4. But I have shopping needs NOW!!:p
  5. :roflmfao:

    I've had trouble ALL day with BG AND NM!
  6. They were updating last night too and i couldn't get it.
  7. yeah it's down.. was trying for the last hour. i hope it means they're adding new stuff!
  8. If they add new stuff, hopefully we can actually buy it or not have them cancel our orders.
  9. This is so frustrating! With BG, I don't pay sales tax. There are some bags on NM that I want, but I just can't bring myself to pay shipping AND tax. :cursing:
  10. Is down AGAIN?
  11. No, not for me...I'm able to access it. (at least at this time)
  12. I just checked.
    Lots of Kooba's on sale.