Bergdorf Goodman Codes?! BG codes please!

  1. anyone know of any Bergdorf Goodman codes? or how often codes are available? free ship will be very helpful...
  2. does NM codes work for Bergdorf Goodman? i want to order from them to avoid CA tax!
  3. The code is good for NM online only.
    Bergdorf Goodman's online store charges tax for CA residents -- I asked Customer Representatives about it before. Other members said that tax is waived if you call and order from the store in NY.
  4. Back in January, when I signed up to get their emails, they sent me a free shipping code as a welcome. Unfortunately, I don't remember the code. :sad: (it might have 'welcome' somewhere in it?) They might still be doing this... sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  5. i just signed up to get their emails and they didn't send me anything :sad:. when i pretended to check out they didn't charge me tax.

  6. That is sooo weird. I've ordered online several times and was NEVER charged CA tax.
  7. Really? Good to know. =) Customer Representatives give wrong info all the time!
  8. COMPSHIP works for free shipping for orders over $150 expires 6/02 so act quickly; their sale starts today.
  9. Promocode: FREESHIP expires 6/2/06 (orders over $150)

    I just used this code to order a Chloe bag on sale. I ordered it from BG because there I never get charged with sales tax and I live in CA. I still use my NM card to get the points.
  10. Does anyone have a code? :graucho:
    Thanks in advance! :flowers:
  11. "final" was working maybe a week and some ago? hope it still works now!
  12. Try BGSHOP6.
  13. Thanks a million!!! BGSHOP6 works!