Bergdorf Goodman Chanel Spring Summer 2008 Act 2 collection pix

  1. Soooo, I got the PPT file from Joseph...our old pal who formerly helped many of us at Saks NY.

    Anyhooo...he sent me the PPT file but I dont know how to upload the images on here so we can all see the color pics of the bags and accessories they ordered.

    ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD THEY DID GET the red patent WOOOTT so I went ahead and added my name to that list!!!!

    Joseph's contact is:

    Let him know Cory sent ya and he's very helpful!!! :yes:


    If someone wants, please one person, I can email the file to them and they can upload it on here for all to see :tup:
  2. ooh cory, send them to me pls!!
  3. U can send to me..Ill post them all for u.....Im wide awake and cant sleep..LOL!
  4. Thank you! :woohoo:

  5. Thanks...i know's a lovely SA but i'm not sure if you are allowed to reveal his contacts here.
  6. ^^i just emailed it to ya larkie!!!

    been running around busy all day and trying to take pics of christmas pressies and shopping buys...i feel like after all this i need a new unit just to fit it all *runs and hides*
  7. :popcorn:
  8. cory, that looks like his buy book--i think we're not supposed to post this stuff at tpf from what i recall. if the mods say it's ok i will post, otherwise i'm afraid i have to sit on the info for now :sad:
  9. U r allowed to post pics here.....!!!!!
  10. it also says "office use only" in the corner of each page
  11. ooh ooki, jill, can i just grab the pics and post here then?
  12. Larkie, please please post the pics here :yes:
  13. I pmed u LDLDB
  14. Larkie, some stores are strict about not posting buy books. Nordstrom doesn't allow it and asks that tPF members not post their lookbooks on the internet.

    I would say posting the pics is fine without any store or personal info, as Jill noted. Not sure his cell phone number should be published here...even though some s/a's do use it for business purposes, it is still personal information.

    I think Swanky, as our Chanel forum mod, should make the judgement call on that and edit as she sees fit.
  15. jill, i just sent u the file to your email. thanks for doing this--was gonna take me forever to strip the pics out of the powerpoint to post each pic individually!