Bergdorf Goodman Beauty Gift Card Event Sep. 23-26

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  1. $25 off of purchase over $100!

    They are also doing presale from the 19th, and some of the brands have gwp.
  2. so tempting...must resist.
  3. this is better than saks ff for cosmetics...i should indulge now. thx OP
  4. I guess this wouldn't stack, by chance... as in $75 off a $300 purchase, eh? :P
  5. :tup: YES- I have been waiting for this! I can always find something to spend money on- La Mer and Jo Malone are just a few things that come to mind! Thanks for the heads up
  6. I have some JoMalone on my list, too :yahoo:
  7. No, unfortunately. It's $25 off $100 purchase and then it's $50 off $500, which I don't get. Why not get people to buy more with bigger gift cards instead of having them go back several times for $!00 purchases?

    I was there tonight to pre-sale and I'm so happy I wasn't asked for my credit card info. I felt remorse about putting aside the items I did because it was almost $300 and I would only get $25 off.

    What does everyone else do?
  8. wonder if you can do multiple purchases?
  9. Does this apply to online purchases?
    I have trouble finding a BG store near...
  10. I don't think it will be online, however, they do ship. I think you can call and speak with anyone in the Beauty Level to find out what the gifts-with-purchase will be for the lines you're interested in.

  11. It was online last time as well. I am waiting for it to come back again. So so happy!
  12. Yes, they do this online...but I'm not sure if they have the gwp online. If I shop online, I always break my purchases into near-$100 orders so I get the most discount. In the store, if you meet a nice salesperson, they split the order on to 2 or more (I've never done more than 2...) credit cards to give you a better discount.
  13. That's good to know!
    It's all week next week, so I can pop-in a few times, if needed!
  14. Wooohooo! :yahoo: Gonna re-stock my Kahina argan oil and cleanser. They've been a serious lifesaver with the weather getting cooler. Y'all should check it out and get samples, the SA @ the counter is super sweet.
  15. darn i just bought a ton of stuff at Neiman's.....i could use the $25 off too!!