Bergdorf Goodman Beauty Event


Apr 16, 2011
My order came today. I must say that the sample selection is large this year. The Creed is not part of the gwp.

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can't wait for mine to come! thanks for posting! is that creed love in white? love it! was thinking of trying a new creed, tried love in black and i did not like it as as much as the white! if you have any suggestions, pls let me know as the creed specialist i spoke to told me that some of the scents were being put "in the vault" (like love in black, i checked creed website and it did not say anything about a production stop?!?)

They have the beauty event twice a year. If you spend $1000+ on beauty, you get $200CASH off your order.
thanks for the info!
May 24, 2008
My SA used to work in Jo Malone. He threw in some Creed for me to try. I have Mountain Water, Spring Forever, Love In White, Imperial Millesime. I like the last two scents. You should ask your SA to throw in some samples to try.