Bergdorf Cancelled my Fairy Bag Order

  1. I ordered the fairy bag earlier from BG's website. The website now shows that the bag is no longer available, and my ordered has been cancelled. I am so upset!!!
  2. oh no!! didn't you order one from i wonder if they exceeded their orders.... and share their stock (they ship from the same warehouse).

    are you waitlisted anywhere else?
  3. Shopping 247 (love your name!!!), I originally ordered from NM, but then I saw that BG had it. I then ordered the bag from BG since I live in California and wouldn't have to pay the sales tax. No, I am not on any waitlist anywhere. The email that I got from BG states that the stocks are "depleted".
  4. I'm sending you my SA's name and number at Short Hills -- if they're out there somewhere he can find it or wait list you for it when/if they get more. Unfortunately, it's never a good idea to order any limited edition item from those websites. Hope he can help.
  5. Jenskar, I received your message. Thank you so very much. I am going to give him a call!!!
  6. Ohhh, sorry to hear that, but i'm not surprised. The Prada flagship store only got 3 of these bags, so I imagine dept stores would get less. I hope you find it somewhere.....good luck, it's a beautiful bag !!
  7. I am in CA too so ordering from BG has perks! I ordered from as soon as I saw your thread about them being available on the website, so as of now, the order is still there. I did order it from BG also when restricted posted that it's available on their site too. but that order has been canceled, just like yours. :sad:

    i hope you are able to get one!
  8. I saw some at the Madison Ave prada in ny last week. You should give them a call.