Bergdorf Blondes

  1. I've just started reading the book " Bergdorf Blondes" by Plum Sykes..And besides being very funny, it mentions Hermès Birkins several times...I'm on page 12, and they have already been mentioned twice in different circumstances....I imagine that most of you have read it already, since I've heard it was pretty successful in the US... Anyway, for those who haven't, it's a funny light summer book, and of course, reading about Birkins aswell, makes it worth reading just for that...:lol:
  2. Goody! I purchased the book for summer reading but haven't gotten to it yet. Now I'll move it to the front of the reading list!:P
  3. I have a copy lying around, if anyone's interested PM me and the first person who contacts me gets it. That is, if I find it. But let me know, it's free because I have to clean out my bookshelves.
  4. haven't read it. was thinking about that and devil wears prada.
    can you give us a clip of one of the mentions, as a teaser?
  5. have you read it already?
  6. Yep.
  7. do you recommend it too?
  8. I love all books that drop purse names lol!! There's a book by Judith Krantz (sp?) that I read years ago about her life, and it mentions I think that she buys either a Kelly or an Hermes bag every year!
  9. It's a light read, entertaining, finished it in about 5 hours. Not my usual type of reading, but heavily into fashion.
  10. so a vogue, basically. :lol: but it takes twice the time.
  11. You just about summed it up. BTW, Plum Sykes writes for American Vogue.
  12. I've read the book and it was pretty good. ONe Hermes mention was that the heiress in the book stole a birkin from her own department store. I can't remember what type it was. I think it was either pink or baby blue. But she stole it and made headlines because essentially she was stealing from herself.
  13. Since we are on the topic of books...

    What good books have you read lately that are great reads?
  14. lucky duck. i had to google her - never heard of her. found an interview. she's funny. and honest.
  15. yeah, i know. i'm not wild about plummie. i suspect the book is entertaining though and i will definitely check it out the next time i'm in a bookstore.