Bergdorf Beauty Event coming

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  1. I just got this email from Bergdorf's about the upcoming Beauty Event. They give you a $25 giftcard to use when you purchase $100. If you plan it correctly and spend just $100 or a few bucks over, it's 25% discount :tup:

    Gift Card Event
    April 10, 11, 12 Bergdorf Goodman

    Receive $25 off any $100 or more Beauty Level purchase.
    Also a fragrance wardrobe with any $150 Jo Malone purchase!

    Place your PRE-SELL orders starting TODAY to reserve your favorite items and Jo Malone gift!​
  2. cool, thanks for posting!
  3. Do you know when it starts? :flowers:
  4. It starts on Thursday, April 10th and ends on Saturday, April 12th.
  5. Nice! Thanks for sharing.
  6. good to know, that u for posting
  7. does this work online as well?
  8. i just wanted to add that most of the SA's will steal another $25 off card for you (or two or three) so that you get to use one for every hundred you spend :P. like if you buy an item that costs $200, you'd save $50, and so on and so forth :tup:. i'll definitely be there :yahoo:.

  9. Will this work on La Mer sets?
  10. I'd love to know this too! :smile:
  11. hmmm not quite sure-i think it really depends on the individual. last time around i purchased a creme and an eye cream and saved $50 which was great.
  12. Does anyone know whether any lines will be offering GWPs with the Beauty Event? I got a call from a Jemma Kidd SA who said that they are having a GWP, but I don't know about any other lines.
  13. Thanks so much! :tup:

  14. Wow, that's awesome. La mer never gets discounted.