Bergdorf and Tags

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  1. Hi, I'm getting back into Chanel collecting after a super long hiatus (1980s but it feels like yesterday)... I ordered a bag from Bergdorf's and the bottom of the tag was cut off, where the price would have been.

    Is this 'Standard Operating Procedure' when buying from BG?
  2. I received two brooches from BG this week. The bottom of the tag for one of the brooches was cut off. The other brooch did not include a tag. This was my first time purchasing through BG so I am unsure if it's the standard procedure.
  3. Maybe it was a gift that someone returned?
  4. It is "Standard Operating Procedure", especially on handbags. I have had a few price tags slip through on SLGs, however I have experienced both BG and the Chanel Boutiques ALL removing the price of the item while still leaving the price tag itself intact with color, season codes, etc.
  5. It appears to be this way for a bit of time. When buying a gift from BG they usually cut the price off& include a gift receipt as well.
  6. Hi, when I bought my first Chanel bag two years ago, the tag was intact on the bag, but the price part was apparently taken off on purpose or accident .. then taped back on lol . I purchased it at a freestanding boutique. Hth
  7. I have purchased a WOC and a crystal CC cuff from BG, and both came with the price portion of the tag tag cut off. I really wish they would not do that!
  8. Yes, it's pretty standard for BG and other stores. The price part is pretty much useless. Everything (code, season) you need is on the upper part of the tag.
  9. I just purchased a Jumbo classic from a Chanel boutique and tag was intac, price and all.