Bergdorf and Neiman

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  1. Okay, really stupid question, but I hope someone can answer this for me...otherwise, I will have to just suck it up and call Bergdorf's.

    I know that Neiman's and Bergdorf's are part of the same company (I've used my Neiman's CC at Bergdorf's). So, does any one know whether you can return things purchased at one store to another? I impulsively purchased a few things at Bergdorf's in NYC this past weekend, and I am having HUGE buyer's remorse on one item. I guess I could just send it back, but for some reason, would rather just take it back to a physical store. I'm assuming that you can't, although the item I am returning is carried by Neiman's.

    Anyone know the answer to this question? Thanks!
  2. I'm pretty sure you need to send it back to BG. I did the same thing and asked at Neiman's customer service - answer was no.
  3. No, I believe they will not except the item from one store to another.
  4. they used to do it, but not anymore. They have become more strict. They explained to me that when they used to accept reutrns back from bergdorf they need to fill out tons of paperworkand then that have to send it back and it takes about a month before you even see your return.
  5. I believe Wicked returned her Gerard Darel at NM here in CA, and she bought it from BG in NY.
  6. Thanks for the advice...I will call just to confirm, and share the answer later.
  7. When I asked the BG customer service rep a few weeks ago, he said that you could not return items purchased from one store to the other.
  8. I took a Chanel bag that I purchased from BG to NM for a return. NM did not actually process the return. They shipped the bag back to BG and BG issued the return (process facilitated by the NM customer service department). The charge credit was processed in approximately the same amount of time (or a bit more) that it would have taken me to send the bag back to BG directly followed by BG examination of merchandise and a charge credit.
  9. I just called BG and they said that I would have to mail it back...thanks!
  10. I'd call your local NM. My NM in San Diego, took the bag back. They told me that if they actually carried the same item, they'll process the return in-store. But since it was a GD, they mailed it back to BG for me--free of charge, as a courtesy. However, the customer service lady first thought she had to charge me, but I pushed that that was NOT what I was informed. She checked with the manager and the manager said there's no charge for return shipping. So my GD was mailed back to BG by NM at no charge, but I have to wait for BG to process the return. That's the bottom-line.

    So check with your NM before you spend the $ to do the return. Different stores may have different policies...