Bergacci strikes again!!!

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  1. Ok, a little background first, there is this girl at my real estate office hq, fresh out of school, we will call her Jane, who is always "giving" people advice, like she knows everything, and half the time it's wrong. Ok, so she is always acting like she is the hottest thing and bragging about all this stuff she has and how much money she makes, even though she drives a wreck of a car, I mean I have a cute little Mazda Protege that I love but it's still clean and in good shape.

    So this other girl that was at one of our field offices joins my office (another field office) and sees my speedy 40 one day, then a few days later she sees my PH. we talk alot so she feels comfortable with me and she said "Can I ask you something very personal?" I told her sure but I can't promise I'll answer, she asks, how much do LVs run? I asked her which one, she said "well the one you see everyone with?" I said do you mean the speedy? She had no idea so I went to elux and showed her a picture, she said YES that one! I showed her the price of the small one. She looks at me funny and I say what is it? She says well Jane just got a brand new one for like $350. I said, well where did she get it from, she said she couldn't remember, so she emails Jane, and Jane sends her the link to her "SECRET HOT SPOT FOR AUTHENTIC DESIGNER PURSES" where she goes on to explain that they are all returns and in perfect condition, etc.

    I start laughing, I couldn't help it, so I told the new girl all about Bergacci, and how elux is the only place to buy authentic new online, then I gave her 3 names of Ebay MPRS. So she was so happy, she said "Oh man, she has a fake bag and doesn't even know it!!"

    Normally I wouldn't make fun of someone but this girl Jane is soooooo mean and hateful and so snotty that it is just sooooooo funny!!!!!

    Oh boy..........................
  2. LOL, I don't blame you for laughing at the whole thing. Some people don't know they carry around fake bags not because they want to. That new girl will forever grateful for your LV 101
  3. Oh yea, she was so happy to talk to someone who knew about LV. It was cute.
  4. Thank goodness she didn't take Jane's advice and actually buy from Bergacci.
  5. It just goes to show you, what comes around goes around. And what came around to her was a great, big, FAKE!!!
  6. My goodness!

    And the thing is before when I googled Bergacci, I got purseforum links to threads come up aswell. Now when I google it, I don't! I only get bergacci stuff and their fake blog!
  7. Well normally I would feel sorry for "Jane" but she seems like someone who is not very nice and thinks herself better than everyone, so in this case I think it serves her right!
    How can she honestly believe they are real bags :rolleyes: , if you could get them for $300 or so there would be no one buying from the LV stores.