Bergacci Entertainment

  1. We have all determined in the past that Bergacci was a bunch of scammers... and I did post on our blog about them a while back to warn our readers about their business.

    Seems like their staff found out and sent their monkeys to spam praise in our comment section... here's a few for good laugh:

    Obviously I removed them all. All from the same IP, too. :lol:
  2. WOW! incredibly LOW!
    they must be getting desperate...HUH!!????
  3. Well done. How arrogant of them to think they could fool us!
  4. Wow! They must have lost a lot of business because of PF that they have to damaged control on PF!
  5. It's not quite working, if you read the other comments by our readers... they are... pissed. heh
  6. Haha, I love it!!
  7. Bravo Vlad!!
  8. LOL at the spam - good comic relief too. :P
  9. How pathetic, you think if you'd like to lie to try to sell your fake bags.. you'd at least spell check !! Honestly, who spells "look" as "loke" ! That makes no sense.
  10. LOL That's funny!
  11. Wow...that company continues to truly amaze me. It still breaks my heart that some people truly believe they are getting authentic items. Thanks for sharing Vlad.
  12. They are so lame.
  13. Vlad does each computer have its own IP address.....
    I never understood how that worked. Say my kids each have there own computer and I have my own. Is that three different IP addresses?
  14. That is crazy. And all these messages come from the same IP??? gosh, may be they think our king Vlad won't notice that. hehehhe... Great work, Vlad
  15. It depends on how you share internet access. If it's one line split with a router to network all 3 computers, every computer has a unique local address that's unique in your home but share the same external IP that the rest of the internet world sees.

    But I'm sure Mr. PB can explain this better ! :amuse: