Benzol Peroxide really works !

  1. I developed this really ugly looking pimple bump right below my eyebrow, and I went out and bought the Clean & Clear "PERSA GEL 10" in which is 10% Benzol peroxide to use on it.

    I woke up and it minimized more than 1/2! It's not red or swollen anymore!!


    Another great working product. ​
  2. I never leave home w/o: 10% Benzoyl Peroxide gel/cream and a 1% Cortizone Cream!!! :yes:
  3. Yes....the benzoyl peroxide works to kill P.acne bacterial cells that cause acne/inflammation (along with other staph or strep strains). You may see the oxidizing effect when you apply the benzoyl peroxide because the infected area will turn white &/or begin to foam which denotes the killing of the bacterial cells.

    It is GREAT to kill those nasty germs that cause sore throats. If you gargle with it, it will help relieve your sore throat!!

    Sorry if I got too technical ---> it's a professional habit :smile:
  4. Really? It works that well? I'll have to try that sometime, thanks!
  5. What do you use Cortizone with?
  6. Helps reduce swelling & redness on a pimple.

    ETA: it's not something you want to use long term though.

  7. Are you referring to Hydrogen Peroxide???
  8. lol...i think she meants hydrogen peroxide. its okay, benzoyl and hydrogen could be easily confused.
  9. ^^^No, I did mean benzoyl peroxide for the pimple info.

    But, Yes, hydrogen peroxide for the throat. My mistake, sorry. I was typing toooo fast. Same properties, different chemical formulas. But, you can dab hydrogen peroxide on an open wound type pimple & it will heal just as fast.
  10. Thanks for all of the info! :flowers:
  11. I use it when I get spots, but my skins sensitive, too much makes my skin horribly tight and flacky.
  12. Thanks for the tips! :flowers: :heart:
  13. mine, too. I use the proactiv version, but it only has 2.5%. I can rub it all over my face and not be dry at all! I use a 10% or a RX cortisone cream on big zits, but only as a spot treatment. And I *occasionally* use cortisone cream underneath my eyes. I've heard it helps get rid of puffiness and dark circles.
  14. This is exactly the spot treatment I need, the question is where do I get benzol Peroxide?
  15. I still use proactive and have on and off for 10 years. I just use it in the nose and chin area, but esp in summer.