Bent out of shape.

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  1. Ok, so I sold this dress, now it only went for like 20 dollars, no biggie, so its ridiculous I am complaining, but I am irked. On my auctions I say Paypal only, payment must be received in 2 days. So, I sent her the invoice, 3 days later she pays. I am fine with that, whatever. So I guess she paid via e check through paypal, and it takes like 14 days to clear, wouldnt it have been nice if she had let me know that when she bought it, or asked if that was ok?

    I am not even going to approach her about this, but I just thought it was kinda rude, I mean can I even say no echeck?
  2. Nope - i got a listing removed when i put 'i prefer no echeques'. eBay says this breaches their rules as accepting Paypal means you accept all of their methods of payment. Annoying i know and less protection for the buyer.
  3. Yep.. in managing your account on PP, you can BLOCK echecks, BUT if you are selling on ebay, ebay itself will not allow that.

    Block the following payments:
    Pay with eCheck for website and Smart Logo payments, or German bank transfer for all website payments except eBay. NOTE: You may not block eCheck payments on eBay.
  4. Thanks, I guess I know now, but I am still pizzy about it!! I mean at least ask, but then not everyone is polite.
  5. Ok, what does this mean, just got this!!
    An eCheck payment from ************ was declined by the sender's bank. We will automatically try to process this payment again in 3 business days. It then usually takes 3-5 days for the money to be deposited into your account. Please do not ship items until you receive payment.

    So I just have to sit and wait her payment to clear next time? How long does this go on?
  6. Means the e-check is HOT...?? Insufficient funds... for $20...??:roflmfao:
    Can you cancel this transaction??
  7. looks like she didn't have the funds available. bummer! I would be weary of this buyer..
  8. I am starting to think I am a magnet for this stuff, I almost want to just send her the dress because I feel bad for her.
  9. lookz like this transaction is doomed, my friend