Ben's Collection

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  1. The Carryall - My one and only Louis Vuitton bag in Monogram Canvas :heart:


    My Louis Vuitton Collection

    - Monogram Canvas - Carryall Bag
    - Monogram Groom - Pochette Cles
    - Damier Canvas - Card case
    - Taiga (Grey) - Small Ring Agenda
    - Taiga (Grizzli) - Portefeuille Accordeon wallet
    - LV Cup - Sunglasses
    - Striped cashmere scarf
    - Glace - Force Bracelet
    - Nomade - iPod case (shown below)


    My Non-LV Bag Collection

    - Pringle of Scotland - Gym bag
    - BALLY - Small leather bag
    - Mulberry - Byrnemore Messenger bag in Oak colour


    Accessories Collection

    - PRADA - Black grained leather zipper wallet with coin compartment
    - HERMES - Notepad
    - Burberry - Discreet monogram black umbrella with signature check trim
    - Louis Vuitton - Nomade - iPod case


    Sunglasses Collection

    - Gucci - Monogram Aviator
    - TopMan
    - TopMan
    - More to be added


    Thanks for looking!
  2. Great collection! thanks for sharing! :smile:
  3. Really nice good of you to share pictures.:tup:
  4. Very interesting LV collection!
  5. Love the Carryall and LV scarf!
  6. Thanks for sharing
  7. Nice collection, you have really great taste!
  8. Gorgeous Mulberry Brynmore!;)
  9. Great collection!
  10. Very nice. Love the carryall!
  11. Great collection!
  12. nice collection ... thank you for sharing!
  13. Love your Carryall! :smile:
    Do you use it as a everyday bag?
  14. I love your LVs!! I should get some for my husby! Let him start a little collection.
  15. Great LV collection.