Benji Madden and Sophie Monk Call It Quits

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  1. [​IMG]There will be no wedding bells for Benji Madden and fiancée Sophie Monk – the pair have "officially split," her agent confirmed Tuesday.

    "Sophie and Benji have officially split. The decision was mutual and they remain amicable," the actress's Sydney agent, Yoon Kim, said in a statement to the Australia's Daily Telegraph. "This will be my only statement regarding this matter."

    The pair reportedly met on the set of a Good Charlotte video in 2006 and were engaged in January 2007.
  2. He always looks like a sad sack, while she is a bit of an air head I think she could do better than him anyway.
  3. I've seen Benji interviewed a few times, and he always seemed like a funny and entertaining guy... not sad at all!!
  4. Oh thats good to hear - I might have to take my comments back ....just most of the shots I have seen of him he is never smiling.
  5. hope it had nothing to do with the birth of Benji's niece.

    she could have said she wanted a baby as well or he did and the other partner said they arent ready. happens...