Benifit Products

  1. whats everyones take on them.. i only have the badlash mascara which is pretty good.

    but ive always wanted to try out some other things by the,.. theres this all over body gloss that looks nice. and they have a VERY cute lil brow set iwth tweezers and everything,

    anyone else a fan?
  2. i love love love moon beam, it works well with my skintone. im olive and tan. also, georgia is great for cheekbones!
  3. whats moon beam> what does it actually do
  4. I adore their eyeshadows! And you can't go wrong with the bad lash mascara that you mentioned, either. Dr. Feelgood is an awesome product as well!
  5. Bad Gal black eyeliner pencil is amazing! I use it on my upper lids every single day.

    I really wanted to like the Bad Gal mascara but it just makes my lashes thin and whimpy :shrugs: . I always have to put on an undercoat of another mascara (the colorless base coat that some have).

    BUT I do love their Smoooch lip treatment. I use it under my lipstick and it lasts a lot longer!

    They used to have a wider selection of creme eye shadows but I don't use them anymore now that they've changed. I switched to Lorac for that!
  6. i almosttried everything...pencil eye liner, lipstick, blush, eye shadow and lip gloss. they r all great but best of all a liquid blush (dont remember what its called but it looks like a nail polish ) that gives u a natural look...its really greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat...
  7. I just bought the lip and cheek stain. It's rose-scented. I really didn't like the smell or the way it went on my lips so I tossed it out.
  8. ya i think the lipstain is WAY over rated
  9. i have the get bent lash, and i love it! i want to try other stuff too.. just don't have time to make a trip to sephora.
  10. I love Dr. Feelgood-it is great for smoothing out your skin and in my case, filling in those tiny little lines by my eyes. Definitely buy that!
  11. I bought the Realness of Concealness kit, just to try out a few of their products and I think the Boi-ing really messed up my skin. Made me break out in a rash and such, which is too bad because it worked quite well. Now I'm hesitant to try their other products.
  12. Love the FYI eyeshadow base--keeps my eyeshadow pristine all day. Also love the eyebrow kit. Their lipsticks are really good too.
  13. ^ I got a rash from their Eyeshadow trios!! right on my eyelids. So I tossed that, but I've used their Ka-Pow Blemish stick, Touch me then try to leave cream, and I always have Bathina body so fine balm stocked up. I also used Bene-tint...but I'm not crazy about it.
  14. The eye bright pencil. When I'm in a pinch or I need a pick-me-up, I use that. It's a big product in Hollywood, from what I've heard.
  15. What's the eye bright pencil? I might need one if gets rid of tired skin around my under-eyes.;)