benetton friends and family until 12/9/07 30% off

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  4. Does anyone know if Benetton does F&F every year around the same time? There's a coat I'm eying - of course I want it now! :p ... buuut if there's a chance of me getting it cheaper than I'm willing to wait for it. TIA!
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  6. oops, sorry i didnt realize this was for 2007!
  7. Right now in stores, Benetton is having a pretty good sale. I went to the store in Forest Hills Queens, NY and they were having 30% off everything in store. The store in Manhattan on 5th ave and 20st (?) was having a sale 40% off outerwear, 30% sweaters, etc. Great deals on quality items!
  8. benetton sells fantastic tank tops that last forever (still wearing the ones i purchased ~8 yrs ago, and i wear them practically every day! :smile: ). they usually dont go on sale so i picked 2 more up last week when they had buy one get 50% off your second item...