Benefits of soy protein? Calling all vegetarians and vegans!

  1. So since my weightloss surgery (about 11 months ago) I've become pretty much vegetarian. I eat meat occasionally, but my body doesn't really tolerate meat the way it should - and I can only eat about 2 ounces max of any meat before I feel so full to the sick point. Because of this, I began experimenting with tofu - and I tolerate tofu very well. I can eat more tofu than I can meat - most likely because it's so soft and easily digested.


    I want to become more educated on the pro's and con's of soy protein. Why is soy protein good for you? Is it better for you than meat? Worse than meat? Equal to meat? Will I be deficient in something for eating mostly tofu? What are the pro's and con's of soy protein in comparison to meat protein?
  2. I am vegetarian and used to eat tons of soy (milk, meat substitute products, TVP.. bits and almost all soy products on the market today) however I read some really interesting and scary stuff about studies done about soy being toxic (I remember something about it being so strong on children that it was like giving them birth control, and they studied people in africa who consumed it regularly being a cheap food basically and easily grown)

    I would really suggest you seroiusly look into it before deciding what you want to do, personally I avoid it and unfortunately today almost all foods contain some soy this or soy-that.. so that hopefully won't cause too much harm but soy foods I keep away from.

    I can't recommend a protein sub. I consume fish though keep away from other meats due to the acidic levels which basically hard my health adding too much acid in my system (this is a major problem with psoriasis). So far I think I'm pretty healthy, I eat a lot of nuts and raw foods, green leafy veggies and a lot of fish so I don't worry about protein, if you don' t eat fish then I'd say it's perhaps best to consult a knowledgable nutritionalist.
  3. i think there are pros and cons to meat and soy. a lot of soy is genetically modified now :sad:
    on the other hand, a lot of meats have growth horomones in them, beef tends to have gamma rays shot at it to slow down bacteria growth while its in a slaughter house *gross*.
    soy has no cholestoral. yay!
    fish has a lot of toxins, mercury etc. i think if u only drink bottled or filtered water, why eat fish? all those toxins in unfiltered water is usually in the fish.
    sigh... i get a bit depressed with how science has ruined some foods.
    i tend to stick with lots of fruits, veggies, beans, grains, and have some soy products once in a while. usually soy milk when baking or cooking, i dont drink it on its own and i dont eat cereal. wheat gluten is another meat substitute that i really enjoy eating. hope some or any of that helps!
  4. I like tofu stir fried and thought it was very healthy - it provides all 8 amino acids and is low calorie, low fat [no cholesterol], low in sodium and easily digested. It's also full of vitamin B, iron and calcium.

    But, until now, I hadn't heard about the potential health worries surrounding it... :s

    As betsey says, there are many, many, proven health risks associated with meat, though; particularly red meat (mammals).

    One of my favourite vegetarian protein sources, apart from nuts, is chick peas. :heart: :heart: :heart:

    As well as protein, they're also full of fibre, folic acid, zinc, calcium and iron. I particularly like them in curries and humous (hummus). :biggrin:

    I'm pretty sure you would be able to tolerate them, LL. :yes:
  5. Just done some Googling and one of the main problems with tofu, is that soy is a source of phytoestrogen (female hormone), which I had heard before.

    I think the key is; moderation in all things. :biggrin:
  6. i think, at this point, there's a study out there saying EVERYTHING is bad for you, will give you cancer, will reduce your fertility, will make you crosseyed and smelly, etc. if your body tolerates it better than meat and it allows you to eat protein, then go for it, but in moderation, of course. you can probably get organic soy at health food stores.

    i eat meat, but only from the natural grocery so it doesn't have the antibiotics, hormones, or unhealthy diet that normal fish, chicken, or beef does.

    if you're going to go completely veg, make sure you take an iron supplement. since women lose blood monthly, iron is more important to us than men, and red meat is one of the main sources of iron in a normal diet.
  7. Chickpeas are great, I also love them (what I do with most of my beans is add a little bit of oil and spices like curry powder, chilly powder, paprika, granulated garlic flakes, salt, and cumin and then spread them on a baking sheet and bake until they're kind of dry to the touch) They make yummy and healthy snacks.
  8. rofl at the making you crosseyed and smelly! but i agree, there are studies on EVERYTHING that are negative. makes it much too confusing. moderation on what i love is best!
  9. I´m a vegetarian too, but eat waaay too little of soy. I just don´t know how to prepare it so it actually tastes good!
  10. I'm already on top of that haha :lol:. I love chick peas and hummus, and add them to many, many foods, sauces, soups, etc. I even freeze the remaining chick peas in little baggies. I get the majority of my protein from chick peas, beans, and tofu - as well as egg and nuts here and there. Nuts can give me a problem, especially cashews, because of the natural oils they contain :s
  11. It's a post op requirement to take vitamins for life. Daily I take a high-potency iron supplement (fergon), 1000 mg of calcium, a multivitamin, and a B12 supplement. I'll have to do this forever, and I think it's really a small price to pay.

    I don't *want* to be completely veg - and I don't plan on it. It's just that meat really doesn't settle well, and I can max eat 1 ounce of beef for the most part. If I was to have 3 meals a day with that little amount of food I'd be barely breaking 300 calories daily - hence the reason I choose tofu - because I can eat alot more tofu than meat. I do tolerate egg - I make soups with egg and try to have a scrambled egg once a week if possible. Chicken I tolerate, but in small quantities.
  12. Where have you been?! I post great tofu recipe's often on this forum. PM me if you'd like some - tofu enchiladas, mexican tofu bowls, sweet and salty teriyaki :yahoo: - I'm good at disguising the taste of the actual tofu :p
  13. Oh yuym!! I haven´t actually been on this section at all until browsing resently. I would love some recipes! PM`d you!
  14. I'm what new terminology is calling a flexitarian, someone who eats less than one serving of meat/fish a day. I will go several days as a vegetarian and then occasionally have some chicken or fish. As for soy, I eat some, typically one serving a day, but try not too eat too much, everything in moderation. There are some non-soy meat substitutes, Quorn Cutlets (faux-chicken) are a favorite of mine, I typically have one of those on a sandwich everyday.
  15. Sent!

    I guess that's what I am too lol. I go days as a vegetarian - and then have some chicken (or fish) - I stray completely away from red meat and pork.