Benefits of saving for a birkin/kelly...

    • Curbs one's desire for impulse shopping
    • Teaches you patience
    Ok - that's it. I can only come up with two...:amuse:
  1. Stop shopping for other handbags..

    I have lost most of my desire to buy other handbags. I have ordered a b-bag, but I cancelled it. I keep having second thought whether I really want any other bag. What I REALLY WANT ultimately is some Hermes kelly and birkin... *Ouch*
    • Helps you understand the true meaning of QUALITY vs. QUANTITY! :flowers:
  2. i agree with all of the above. and for some people, if they do actually stop buying other bags in order to save, they may save money in the long run. i seriously love bags but i haven't looked at or considered another brand since getting my hermes shoulder bag 3 years ago. and it's only in the last 6 months that i started thinking (intensely) about another bag (kelly), so i'm ruined for other bags entirely, but i enjoy how satisfying top quality can be.
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  3. Benefits? It makes you go out of your mind...the whole process!

    If you are fortunate to get the one you want in your hands...maybe then you can see the benefits. My problem is the last bag I purchased was so long ago I can't feel anything, but numbness to the fact I can't get my hands on one I want now.

    Ok...I am sending off negative energy here...sorry...but can you feel my pain?
  4. No need to apologize. That's what this forum is for, to hear the pros and cons of Hermes collecting. They are expensive bags and there is no need to sugarcoat the whole process.
  5. That would be the 'wise' thing to do - however, I'm not the wisest around...I'm impulsive!!! Since purchasing my items, I've been scrambling to sell, sell, sell other things to pay for them all!! Oh well....
  6. It helps to increase discipline and willpower that will carry over into and benefit other areas of your life.

    On another note, I notice that many of you said you had kind of lost interest in other brands. I still carry the ones I have, but I'm really dedicated to Hermes now. I'm really glad to know I'm not the only one. I felt kind of bad because I thought maybe I was being snobbish or something, but now I see that it is perfectly normal to feel that way.
  7. You are not snobbish at all...if you have the means to purchase these lovely bags and you desire to carry only Hermes that is fine. (you said you carry other brands as well, so that is not you)

    I feel it is when you cross the line and you put down other people for carrying other brands...that would make you snobbish...know what I mean?
  8. Actually, I'm ruined for life. Ever since I bought my first H item, I've been a gonner. I still carry the lovely bags I've kept (after selling the ones I wasn't in total love with to help finance my H addiction) but now I have Hermes on the brain. One can't help but admire such incredible quality.....and when I carry Kelly, I feel so stylish and chic. What a feeling!
  9. can tell from my posts that I adore make my day sometimes!

    However, there are exceptions...and you are one of them. You are the rare breed! You are the diehard Hermes go the extra mile or several hundred in a day for that matter.

    You make me smile, laugh, and times I think you have lost it, but then you reel yourself back in. I LOVE IT!!! You have flava as my hubby would say..."why be normal"?
  10. Shopmom...I love you too!!
    Kellybag and Nathansgirl...I adore Hermes bags too and those are the only bags I own now except for a lizard Judith Leiber which I might sell.
    I used to own Coach bags in my 20's and 30's and have no problem mentioning that they are excellent quality too!
    I sometimes like the idea of waiting for the ultimate Hermes because it gives you time to save $$$$!!!! I have a cognac ostrich Birkin on order and am hoping it will be awhile because I'm not really ready to spend on it yet.
  11. I think that it is helping me from making a lot of impulse buys. I have decided to only buy one more LV this summer, a Speedy, because I think they are a classic and want one for my collection. But after that I am only saving for Hermes. DH and I actually talked about it last night and decided that once we have above a certain amount in our savings whatever I save over that I can use to buy whichever H bag I want. So I am really excited and dedicated to saving and eventually (next year sometime!) buying a bag at Hermes. I really agree with everyone that said quality over quantity. I am at a point where I would rather have one H than a bunch of others. :biggrin: And you all are the best! It's wonderful to be able to talk with people who understand! :flowers: :heart:
  12. Exactly!! :smile:
  13. Buying Hermes bags and items has made me stop buying clothes and shoes since I'm obsessed with Hermes lol!!!