Benefits of buying brand new???

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  1. I buy both new and pre-loved (in mint condition). My very first LV was a brand new one (mono alma) from the boutique. At that time, I was such a newbie, I just felt safer buying in the boutique than Ebay.

    After being on TPF and researching, I now feel more comfortable buying on the 'Bay.

    I dont think theres anything wrong with buying pre-loved. But for your first bag, I would highly recommend going to a boutique to take your time to try on the bags, look at yourself in the mirror with the bag, and even put your own things into the bag to see how it feels with your things in it. Sometimes, a bag could be nice to look at, but not be comfortable on or not look good on you.

    In the boutique, you will also get the chance to inspect the bags. Sometimes, the bags have scratches on them and are not up to standards so it's important that you inspect every nook and cranny.

    It's also very exciting when the SAs wrap it up and you get to take the big brown bag home. Some SAs wont give you a box so make sure you ask for a box and ask for it to be gift wrapped.

    Good luck with your purchase!! I doubt it will be your last. :graucho:
  2. If you can afford to but it in the boutique I would. I always buy preloved but look forward to going to the boutique soon...
  3. Treat yourself to the boutique experience - saving some $$ to buy used is just not worth it IMO. I find purchasing at the store just as intoxicating as to getting the actual bag! :party:
  4. I buy in-store because it makes me feel special. I know it sounds silly, but I love the look and feel of the stores and how attentive the SA's are and how they bring you drinks get the idea :P

    If I wasn't able to purchase in-store (too far away, etc.) I would have no trouble buying pre-loved. I have before and have always had the items authenticated. I've never run into trouble regarding condition or authenticity and I'm always thrilled to save money!

    So my first option is always to buy in-store, but if I'm going to buy on-line I'd rather get a better deal.
  5. I'd say go for the new, only because it's a real treat to get it brand new with a dustbag and to say it was all yours, especially with a first LV. I would only prefer buying used if it was more of a casual purchase, further down the road.
  6. For your first one i will recommend buy it brand new if you can. It is such a great feeling to leave the store with that cute brown box!!! Good luck on your purchase :yahoo:
  7. Benefits? Knowing that it is an authentic bag. :biggrin:

    and please do make sure to "reveal" when you purchase your HG. ;)
  8. I think that you should definately go brand new, If LV is one of your HG bags then the whold experience of going in the boutique and buying with make that experience so much better! I am sure once you have one, you will want another and for these go pre-loved. But for your first go brand new!
  9. I would definitely get it new. The couple hundred you'd save isn't worth knowing that you compromised on your HG. Part of what makes an HG so wonderful is that it isn't about compromising!!
  10. If it's your first bag, you should get the brand new one from the LV store. You should try both the Saleya and the Neverfull at the store and decide which one is perfect for you. Good luck!
  11. Brand New !!! I would only look at "pre-owned" bags that were never actually used. And those are just a few $$ less than full-price, so why bother !!!
  12. I definitely recommend buying brand new for your first LV - somehow it will be more special that way.

    But on the whole, I buy both brand new and pre-loved. If you find a good deal on an authentic, good condition pre-loved bag/accessory, there's nothing wrong with saving a little money!
  13. I think that you should buy it brand new if you are able. It will be a more memorable experience and you can have the assurance that it is 100% authentic. Also, you will have a recourse should you want to exchange it, etc.

    I would also recommend that you visit the store and try them on in person. Then you can decide which one you like the best. I did that very same thing today. I had 5 bags on my wishlist and tried them all on. Afterwards, I eliminated one because it didn't suit me. But I wouldn't have known that if I did not visit the store and see in person.

    Have fun deciding!:balloon::balloon::balloon:
  14. If you go to Chicago, the Saks on Michigan ave also sells LV. I bought my bag there and the sales associate was very nice. It was nice to try on bag, one I liked online I didn't care as much for in person.
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    I like to buy new because it makes me feel more like it's "my" bag and that it was meant especially for me. There is also the fabulous packaging of an original purchase. And there is no question of authenticity if I buy from LV! However, there is no LV in my state, and the closest is about 5 hours away (one way), :wtf: so I have to order online or over the phone. Once on a trip I was able to visit an actual LV store, and that's where I bought my zippy wallet. But receiving that fabulous box and unwrapping it a piece at a time, and catching that first glimpse of your new bag is something special.