Benefits of buying brand new???

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  1. Hubby has recently been adding some upgrades to his 4 wheeler. It's his major hobby so I'm totally fine with it.

    Earlier tonight I asked him if he was going to treat himself when we receive our tax return (we usually don't get much-no kids) to which he replied "nope." He feels he's had his treats and told me to "go ahead."

    I've been really branching out from Coach lately and ofcourse my end all be all of *HG* bags is to own an LV. It's certainly not something that we have in our budget on a regular basis, but this maybe my chance!!!

    I've narrowed it down to 2 bags, and I can make that decision. I just wonder what the HUGE benefits would be to buying brand new.

    The bags I'm going to choose between are the Ebene Damier Saleya MM or the same in the Neverfull. (I'm leaning towards the Saleya!)

    Ofcourse I can save a couple hundred bucks by buying used, but I have a feeling hubby's going to want me to go brand new. I feel I have the knowledge to not get ripped off by using TpF gal's as my guides, paying with PP for protection and taking my time.

    If I buy brand new I'll have to do it online, so there is no "in store" advantage to be had.

    Some advice please?! Warranty??? Guarantee??? Is it worth a couple hundred in the grand scheme of things to just buy it from LV?!

    Thanks for any advice or experiences you can share!!!

    It'll be a couple weeks before the moola is here, so I have time to study up!!!
  2. I think it's nice to buy brand new because you have the assurance that your bag is 100% authentic. Plus, you won't have to deal with any little scuffs on your bag or any marks on the interior. Also, your bag will look absolutely perfect because the leather won't have any patina on it.
  3. I think it's really what your comfortable with! If you don't mind buying pre-loved, and can stay away from the ovbious pitfalls.(getting it authenticated etc.), plus you don't mind getting a bag that might have a few scuff, I would go for it. I think the main advantage for me buying in store or online is that i know it's authentic, it's new, and I have a return period if it's not something I've seen IRL. I have however purchased 4 LV's on ebay and have been thrilled with them. You just have to hunt and make sure you're getting a good deal. It never hurts to save a couple hundred dollars! Good luck with your decision!
  4. i also prefer buying new because you know for 100% sure that the condition of the bag is gonna be just the way you want it. If i'm spending that much on a bag, i wanna know that its completely mine, and not something that someone else has used and decided to get rid of for one reason or another. also, buying new is the only way to guarantee without even a 0.01% doubt that the bag is authentic.

    and..if you do buy from lv, and for some reason find in the first couple week that the bag maybe isn't right for you, you can still exchange it for another one that is a better fit. this isn't an option when you buy used.
  5. I like buying it in store because:

    1) I like to inspect my things thoroughly before buying
    2) I don't really like the feeling of an used bag (like if its grubby, or not as crisp as brand new ones). that being said, I do own one preloved bag, but only because it was a discontinued style and it was near perfect condition.
    3) If anything happens with my bag I know I can go back to the store with confidence
    4) if it's my first LV I'd rather get it from a boutique
    5) There are so many horror stories about ebay/LV/fakes. I'm too way too lazy AND chicken (lol) to go through the return and dispute process
    6) If I end up not liking the preloved bag because of flaws or what ever, again I'm too lazy to sell it =p

    However, that's just me. As someone said, if you feel comfortable and 100% sure you're going to like it, plus if you find a good deal, go for it!
  6. ^^^ I was already just starting to talk myself into brand new and you gal's are aiding me in that!!!

    SILLY ME!!! We have an LV Boutique on Michigan Ave. in Chicago, and if I've driven that far for COACH I can MOST certainly drive that far for my 1st LV. I've always said I wanted one before (or for) my 35th B-day and I think hubby would like me to have one too!!!

    I would have 2 options if I go shop the magnificent mile, there's the flapship store on N. Mich and there is also a boutique inside the Nordstroms from my understanding!!!

    I think that brand new will be best for me...I would hate for my 1st (and maybe 1 and only) LV bag/purchase to go sour. If your already dropping over a grand why are we gonna fret over a couple/few hundred more or less KWIM?! I think I want the whole experience of the in store purchase.

    I've been reading that the SA's at the Nordstroms location are super friendly and not snotty. I do worry about being looked "down on" when I go to buy. My hubby and I certainly don't look scummy by any means, but I also don't think we come off as the couple who shops LV everyday either.

    I'd just be so sad to drop that much cash to someone who's treated me poorly, but after a 3+ hour drive ONE WAY...I'm leavin' with a bag!!! LOL
  7. For me the nicest part about buying new is that it won't have an unfamiliar scent.
  8. I have always bought new bags except one Chanel purse that I could never find new..I purchased it second hand but it was only 6 months old and carried only a few times. I had the purse authenticated at TPF and had no issues. You may want to look for a resale and save money to perhaps buy a LV wallet to go with. Just giving you another angle to consider.
  9. I will NEVER buy used unless the bag is discontinued or I cannot find it anywhere else. I mean if I'm gunna get a designer bag I want it to be brand new and owned by me only.
  10. Hey, fancy seeing you here :welcome:
    I got my first LV (Speedy Cerises) off of eBay, after much thought, lots of research and asking many questions on here... and I love her so :cloud9:
    Of course, mine was no longer available at the boutique unlike your choices. I got a great deal on it too :nuts: thanks to the authenticators that were able to double check before I paid! Oh, and it hadn't even really patina-ed either :smile:

    I think either way, you'll be happy with your choice :yes:
    Both bags are beautiful ;)
  11. I buy brand new bags when I can't find them in secondhand , but the used ones I bought it as good as new the price is more reasonable and well for LV fan it's pretty easy to catch fake, but i don't buy hermes secondhand i don't have knowledge about leather so it's better to get them in store. hope my idea helps somehow
  12. IF I do decide to go with...well let's call it "pre-loved" I wouldn't be after something used and abused. I'd be looking for one of those "carried it twice and it's sat in my closet" bags!!!!

    I'm frankly quite SHOCKED at the condition that I see some bags in, especially with old speedy's etc because they do last sooooo long. I think to myself just how beautiful a bag was when it was new, and who could let it GET LIKE THAT?!

    I'm even a *GASP* smoker, and my bags NEVER look anything worse then very gently used and those are my fav's that I carry the most!!!

    Thanks for the advice Miss Evy, I knew you came over to the dark side!!! LOL I remember seeing pic's of the cerise <-spelling? Speedy you purchased!! I have a small set of cherries tattoo'd on the back of my neck, although I've never seen them myself!!! LOL
  13. As your 1st LV, Buying it in LV Boutique is the sweetest and most memorable experienced you could ever have...It's priceless!
  14. Basically, for me, knowing that no stranger has had my bag, its 100% new & authentic and that its fabulous!
  15. I know, I left and never looked back :graucho:

    Oh, and my Speedy -listed as pre-owned- was never used :nuts: I spoke to the seller over the phone and she pretty much just acquired it because it was so cute :P but never took her out. She arrived nice and pretty and I wasted no time taking her out :love: I'm with you on the no-abusing-my-bags state of mind. I feel bad when someone so much as bumps them :hrmm:

    I feel that if you are careful enough when choosing, you'll be happy with your purchase, no matter where it comes from :yes: