Benefit's Hello Flawless

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  1. Who has tried Benefit's Hello Flawless custom powder cover-off? Does it provide good coverage for blemishes and scars?
  2. Its def buildable! I LOOVE IT although I dont really like the price.
  3. So it hides your blemishes? I have some scars I really want to cover.

    Being buildable, does it look thick when it's built up? Risking sounding like I want my cake and eat it, I don't really want to look like I have tons of makeup on my face.
  4. I have a few light freckles on my cheek and it hides them pretty well. Whenever I do layer it on, it doesnt look cakey, but I usually buff it in really well with a flat top brush. I also finish my look off with the Evian Hydrating water spray to make everything look natural. Hope this helps!
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    It is a godsend! It doesn't look thick at all even after building up. As long as you have the right shade, which I recommend going to your local Benefit counter to get matched.

    I have some old acne scars on my cheeks and it does hide them pretty well. I am pretty smooth and clear on the rest of my face so what I do is spot coverage with the sponge on the scars to give them more camouflage...then I sweep the rest of my face with it using a powder brush....I don't use the brush that came with the compact because I think it sucks (it sheds!), so I use the powder brush that came with my Benefit Betty Brushes Up on Beauty makeup bag. I find that not using the sponge all over (if you don't need the added coverage), makes the product go further...which I like coz the $34 is tough on the wallet!

    For even more coverage, I use their You Rebel tinted moisturizer beforehand which looks nice and still natural underneath the Hello Flawless.

    I did replace the sponge it came with after a month or so of daily use, to keep it all hygienic and stuff. I bought Sonia Kashuk from Target's square makeup sponges as a replacement and works just as well. Not sure if Benefit sells replacement sponges.
  6. Thanks, all. Good to know. I've been using M.A.C.'s studio tech foundation and while the coverage is good, the look is a little thick. So, I'll check Benefit's out! :smile:
  7. I tried it for two weeks and didn't like it at all. I rarely return a product, but back it went. It looked very cakey on me, like it was just sitting on my skin even using a primer or a TM. Also the lightest color was a tad too dark for me. I really tried to make myself like it, but it was a no go, even thought the texture was great. I went back to my Dior powders.
  8. gina1023, do you know the reason? I don't mean to pry but is it because of your type of skin? I heard the sponge can make the coverage build up so maybe you would look less cakey by using a brush?
  9. Oh by type of skin, I mean oily, dry or combination. Not anything bad. I thought it sounded that way in my earlier post. LOL.
  10. I use it and LOVE it!! Gotta moisturize, and use a light touch, a little goes a long way, hope i don't look cakey, hmmmm........:thinking:
  11. For those of you who have tried and liked it, anyone has pimple scars and found that Hello Flawless covers them well?
  12. I have oily skin and tried with a brush (not the one included) and the sponge. I think the reason it looked so obvious on me was due to the color being too dark. I've been using a Diorskin Nude loose foundation and a Diorskin Forever compact foundation (not together, I tend to swap between the two) for a while and never had the cakey-this is just sitting on my face look.
  13. I had a new zit two days ago (boo) that is on the healing stage now but it still looks red and a little I used some of their Erase Paste (which I usually just use for my undereye circles) on it, blend, and then topped it off with a sponge application of the hello flawless. And it's pretty camouflaged without fake looking.
  14. I LOVE this powder. I like how you can build the coverage up and it actually lasts.
    The only thing I don't like is the packaging is very deceiving, there isn't that much produce in the package and the price is kinda high. I would totally buy it when it runs out.
  15. Anyone with oily skin used this and liked it?