BeneFit splurge! Anyone tried it?

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  1. I went to Sephora today with my mom and we both got made over.

    I'm a hardcore Chanel and Dior addict, so I picked up some new Dior lip gloss, then when we sat down to get made over, the girls used all BeneFit. I've never used it before!

    Mom and I each walked out with a total new makeup setup (I was almost out of all my Chanel) and I got: That Gal face Primer, Some Kind of Gorgeous "Fake it, don't cake it!" foundation, Dandelion loose powder, Flush lip liner, Tuxedo eyeliner, Skinny Jeans cream to powder eyeshadow, HighBrow Brow Definer, Brow Zings eyebrow kit, and a few other minor goodies with my Dior Creamy Almond lip gloss.

    Has anyone ever tried these? Does anyone here use BeneFit? If so, please give me your reviews, likes, dislikes! It's much cheaper than Chanel and I've heard nothing but good things in InStyle and they've won a lot of awards. I just loved how it made my skin flawless; I looked like I wasn't even wearing makeup!

    Anyone? Please let me know what you think that way I can return some of it before I use it if I hear it's not quality!

  2. I love Benetint...HATE their tinted moisturizer (wwaaaayyy wrong color for me!!)

    OH and their little eye shimmer pots are so cute!
  3. I have to admit, since I'm a graphic designer, I'm so obsessed with their packaging. It's awesome!
  4. I would splurge on BeneFit if only I knew what products to splurge on. So far only their silky finish lipsticks are the only stuff I love.
  5. i love the eyebright and the dallas bronzer/blush! definitely a must have.

    the only thing i've tried from what you bought is the dandelion, except it was'nt loose powder. i didn't know they made it in loose powder?
    anyways, my sister has it and i've used it a few times. i really liked it though
  6. Wow Sarah that is quite the haul! Bring your mom over to Dallas when I'm in San Antonio, and we'll go to Sephora...she can pretend I'm her daughter and stock me up with some makeup k? ROFL! :tup:

    I have heard nothing but good things about BeneFit, BUT most people say that they have had to go through trial and error to find the stuff that works on them and looks good, as it doesn't always work on everyone. But generally the consensus is good :tup: Just experiment a bit!
  7. Well, she called it loose powder? But it's not really loose, it's in a little cube. It's finishing powder.

    I'm so used to Chanel but I just love how lightweight this stuff is! :girlsigh:

    Candace, we'll be in San Antonio Feb. 21-24! Haha! Maybe you can drop by and we'll go hit up Sephora! My mom got even more stuff than I did! We're product junkies, that store is REALLY bad for her American Express!
  8. i love the boi-ing concealer, hides my dark circles very well!! Id love to try the eyebright sometime too!
  9. CRAP! Sure you don't want to jet over a little Tucson, and visit me??? :girlsigh:

    I will not be able to visit Texas & Jason until late June/1st week of July :s
  10. We both suffer from this! My current package obsession is Korres. And to the OP: The only Benefit product I've tried is their BeneTint.. but the colour was a bit off for me.
  11. I love that Some Kind of Gorgeous foundation - it's wonderful!
  12. I love Benefit! Their dandelion brightening powder looks great on me. Sometimes I'll only brush it on my cheeks and it gives me a subtle blush. I have their brow zings which keeps my eyebrows groomed all day. The little tweezer is very precise in pulling out small stray hairs. The shopping powder in a puff gives me a sparkly glow on my shoulders and neck when I go out dancing. I've tried their Get Even pressed powder (I think that's what it was called) and it was great at concealing blemishes and evening out your skin tone but it was kind of thick. I've gone onto lighter powders.

    What didn't work for me was the Badgal lash mascara. It had rave reviews but didn't do much for my lashes that another more inexpensive brand couldn't do.

    That's all I could think of for now. Hope this helps!
  13. I love Benefit products. I need to be careful because everytime I've had one of their associates try their products on me I've always ended up buying everything, brushes and all!

    Of all the products you mentioned the only one I've used is Browzings. Big fan and love the cute little brushes and tweezers. Silly reason to buy, but sooo cute.

    I'm surprised they didn't get you to buy Dr. FeelGood that's one of their top sellers.
  14. ^^I was surprised they didn't try to sell me everything, but they said I didn't need it! :tup: Which is why I like them and why I bought so much! I love it when they don't force it on me. and I'm still using a few of my Chanel and Dior products, the girl asked what all I used and told me which ones I should keep using and which ones to not stock back up on/switch to BeneFit.
  15. I like Benefit. I have their Dandelion brightening blush stuff, and the eyebright, which i use daily. I didn't like the eyeshadows only because they gave me a rash, but before that they looked great! lol