Benefit Some Kind a Gorgeous

  1. I was wondering if this product is a good one? I am looking for a foundation but i hate the caked look and i want something smooth and light. To look more natural, I have heard about benefits 'some kind a gorgeous' but obviously never tried it and would like to know if anyones used it, and what they think of it.

    Thanks :smile:
  2. I have this product. It's pretty good, but very sheer. I use it with concealer to help blend everything in. It's nice because after you apply it, it dries to a powder finish.
  3. I use clinique's foundation and it's covers you well, but leaves you with a natural glow!
  4. Right thankyou for replying.

    Not really sure whether to go for it or not....
  5. The girl that worked at the Benefit counter put this on me when I went to look for an undereye concealer. It actually was not as cakey as I had expected it to be after you applied it on my face. And it is sheer so it may be what you're looking for.
  6. I am not a fan of benefit products. I think their packaging is really cute, but the products aren't that special imo.
  7. I went and had the lady try it on me, wow its really good. my face looks flawless.

    thanks for your opinions everyone :smile:
  8. I use it and it is good - I'm glad you like it.

    Also, I saw in your avatar that you are soon going to be in LA - can I come with you? I'm so sick of this so called Summer Weather here!!!!
  9. I bought it, but it didn't do much for me...
  10. Hehe yeah of course you can come with me :yes:. Im going the end of august. Can you believe the weather here? Its nearly July and its terrible. I hate it lol
  11. I didn't care for this. I have oily skin and it just looked really cakey on me..