Benefit of Shoulder/JPG Birkin

  1. I just thought this can be a fun thread. Let's list the PROS of JPG Birkin here. At the moment this is the first that came to mind:

    - You can use the lock to fend off attackers. Haaaaayaaaa!!!

    I'm sure there're more, but most of my brain is asleep at the moment
  2. OOOOH I'm lusting after this so bad !!! can't think of anything but positives!!But one i'm sure of is that i'd have my hands free to hold little hands crossing streets!:smile:
  3. Con: It is very heavy (at least to me).
  4. Here is an obvious :P -- you can put it on your shoulder....
  5. These are my pros and cons for a JPG shoulder Birkin when considering to get one.

    - a modern twist to it (chic). appeals to younger women
    - it's a casual everyday bag, and so can go with casual dressing most of the time. And be carried anywhere without looking OTT. And it looks great too with work clothes.:yes:
    - can be carried on the shoulder, to free up both hands when need arises
    - because it is not as popular as a classic Birkin, it's also uncommon (I interpret it as a good thing)
    - one price tag for 2 versions of using i.e. on shoulder or hand-carry

    - its weight because it is a long bag i.e. 42 cm width(this may or may not be an issue for some ladies; it depends on what they have been used to)
    - no inside pockets, so I guess things will jiggle about.
    - not appropriate for evening use (well, at least I wouldn't)
  6. I think that the JPG was made for taller woman, I'mm short (5'2") and I feel like I would be lost in this!!!
  7. Could someone with a JPG measure the shoulder drop? Please...
  8. flossyfigaro has a eBay listing of an authentic JPG shoulder Birkin (black) and it's stated in her listing that it has a 6" drop.
  9. I love the look of the JPG, but agree that it would be like luggage on a petite woman.
  10. Yes, I have to agree too. Same reason why most women would not buy a 40cm or 45 cm Birkin. Would look out of proportion, IMO.

    I am no giant but I am very used to large bags and have carried them well. So that's why I think I would be alright with the bag. Even the Hermes store manager gave her blessings. (she did say some women want the bag for the sake of owning one, but the bag's a misfit vis-a-vis to their height)
  11. Thank you! That's a bit shorter than I would like...hmmm...
  12. Pro: they are soooo cooool.
  13. I agree with Bagg...I'm 5'1" - when I tried the JPG Birkin, I look of Snow White's little dwarf :P

    At that instant I wished I'm 5" taller...:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  14. Totally second this point about JPGs - I once attended a Hermes event & I saw a woman wearing a white shirt, cool grey long pants, and a chartruese JPG on her shoulder. She stood out among all the other ladies with Birkins & Kellys - Super duper hip & cool! :supacool: :wlae:
  15. I wish Hermes would make a small version for the rest of us! I would love that style!!!