Benefit Honey snap out of it scrub. Good/bad?

  1. I really want to buy this product. It smells so nice and i like the idea that it doubles as a mask too. Has anybody tried it? Is it any good and worth the money?
  2. Yes I used to have it and it was SO nice, everytime I used it afterward my skin felt soft and the little scrubbers in it weren't too scratchy. I agree it smells divine also.

    I didn't ever use it as a mask but I remember being told that it was also useful for that.

    I liked it, but that's just me, I'd say maybe go to Benefit and ask for a small sample before you buy (that's what I did!). Or ask them to let you test it on your hand. I'd say it was a good product and worth the money though.
  3. I have this, and I'm not that happy nor unhappy about it. The smell is nice, and it feels nice on your face, but I don't really think it did anything for my skin, even if I left it on my skin as a mask. I'd definitely go try some before you buy the whole tube.
  4. I love using it. My skin feels soft afterwards. I don't know about long-term effects though.
  5. I love it