Benefit Gimme Bow

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  1. I am a big fan of the Benefit Brow Bar services and the products for brows. I used Brow Zings for years and then went with the instant brow pencil. However, I was never really good at using either. Sometimes it looked right, and sometimes I went to heavy (just bad). Gimme Bow is awesome. It is like mascara for your brows. It has a very small applicator brush so it is easy to use, though it takes a few times to figure out just how much to use. The gel has fibers that cling to the brows to make them fuller, so the brows look darker/fuller rather than putting color onto the skin like with powder or pencils. It is a dramatic difference but really natural. I'm hooked!
  2. Gimme Bow?
    Or Gimme Brow?

  3. Sorry - it is brow. Nothing like some iPhone auto text and trying to be covertly on tpf at work
  4. Lol! I thought that may be the case!