Benefit Georgia powder

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  1. This is so pointless- not a blush, not a bronzer, doesn't really brighten the face. If applied subtly it's invisible, with a heavy hand it's orange. I love Benefit but this is a waste of cash!
  2. I didn't care for it either. I really like the Dandelion, but the Georgia was too orange.
  3. I'm with you there, Dandelion is fab. Benefit is a lovely range but stll throws out the occasional dud- Georgia, also You Rebel
  4. Agree, luckily I managed to get rid of it in a swap, exchanging for Dallas (which I love wearing when I have a tan). I'm quite pale and on me georgia just looks too peachy organge.
  5. I tried Georgia a few years ago, I think when it first came out and was disappointed. I'm PPP- glow in the dark pale, and got 0 color payoff even with mulitple applications.